In a career spanning over fifty years, Krishen Khanna(90) has established himself as one of the most prolific and influential painters in the Indian art landscape. The film delves into those influences that eventually rendered themselves on canvas.

Art freezes a series of moments in time. To hear Krishnen Khanna describe the influences behind 'A Far Afternoon', it is obvious that the piece has been influenced by memories collected over time, discrete images lodged in the artist’s mind and more nascent, less visible thoughts and ideas that dictate the choice of figures and colours. A film in five parts, 'A Far Afternoon', delves into those influences that eventually rendered themselves on canvas. Bombay, a city in which Krishen Khanna was inducted into the Progressive Artists Group; the baraaat (wedding procession), a constant in Indian weddings; the choice of colours, yellow, blue and whites; other artists, other art works that have brought him to this place and point in time.

'A Far Afternoon' is a filmmaker’s attempt to memorialize the artistic process involved in the creation of the eponymous art work.

Cast and Crew


Krishen Khanna - Ashvin Rajagopalan - Akbar Padamsee -
A Ramachandran - Ranjit Hoskote - Gayathri Sinha


Sruti Harihara Subramanian

Creative Producer:

Ashvin Rajagopalan

Executive Producer:

Rohin V


Puloma Pal

Production Sound:

Kartik Kulkarni, Simrinjit Singh Sandhu

Music and Sound design:

Aravind -Shankar


Aravindhan GPS


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